3 Steps For Turning Wristbands Into Marketing Gold

3 Steps For Turning Wristbands Into Marketing Gold

3 Steps For Turning Wristbands Into Marketing Gold

turn wristbands into marketing gold

A few years ago we had a customer that ordered custom wristbands for his business.... nothing out of the ordinary, right? The interesting thing is how the customer used these wristbands for his business. 

This client is an orthodontist, therefore his clientele is generally kids. He runs a promotion where his clients can ask for a wristband, and if they wear that wristband to their next appointment, they'll receive a prize as well as be entered in a quarterly drawing for a $100 gift card. They'll receive a new wristband at each appointment and be entered for the next drawing. 

The idea behind this is that the patients will continue to wear these non-transferable wristbands from one appointment to the next, thus the patients will become a walking billboard advertising the orthodontist's practice!

This works especially well with our Custom Plastic Wristbands since they are extremely durable for long-term use, and cannot be taken off without cutting the wristband. 

Here, we break down how to utilize this concept for your business and easily turn wristbands into marketing gold:

  1. Order customized wristbands from EventWristbands.com with your company's name, logo, and contact information (phone number, website, physical address, or social media handle) printed on the bands.
  2. Come up with a rewards plan that will be cost effective to you and also will get your clientele excited about the prospect of winning.
  3. Give out wristbands until you run out, then order more!

This can be a very innovative and cost effective way to do advertising for your business, and will likely grab the attention of potential customers you otherwise wouldn't be able to reach. 

Try it today!