Beer Festival Wristbands

Beer Festival Wristbands

Robert BrushMay 22, '20

Beer Festival Wristbands

beer festival wristbands - over 21 and age verified

As festival season approaches, we can't help but get excited for one of our favorite types: the beer festival! A beer festival is a fantastic way to try out a number of different beers all at once, and if we're being completely honest - get some day drinking on!

There are many factors to consider when organizing a beer festival, but one of the most important is the age verification process as attendees enter the event. Wristbands are an extremely easy and cost-effective way to ensure that everyone who enters the festival has had their identification checked and age verified. has many stock wristband options to choose from for this very purpose, such as the popular OVER 21 Tyvek Wristbands, and the fun AGE VERIFIED Tyvek Wristbands. Both of these options come in a variety of bright, bold colors that make it easy to spot on an arm, and are made of our non-transferable Tyvek wristband material.

Another great option for a beer festival is our Custom Plastic Wristbands that can be printed on with the name of the festival along with any age verification text you desire. Our Plastic Wristbands are extremely durable and are one-time use only with its snap closure. They are ideal for any event lasting more than one day, or just for extra peace of mind in knowing that the wristband will be even more secure. 

For anyone who wants to go above and beyond for their festival, we also offer custom cloth wristbands which can be fully customized in any pantone colors you choose! Just be sure to give yourself enough time in advance to order these, as they typically take about a month turn-around time - much, much longer than our other custom wristbands!

No matter what option you choose, utilizing wristbands at a beer festival is a simple way to make your event more streamlined and secure!