4th of July Party Tips and Ideas

4th of July Party Tips and Ideas

From backyard BBQs to pool parties and full blown concerts, we’re all looking to make sure our guests have some 4th of July Fun!

party tips and ideas and full sheet of red and blue tyvek wristbands

Make the classic  Red, White, and Blue theme pop with these creative tips!

  1. Set the Patriotic tone before the festivities begin! Send your guests a cool Firework ticket invite!
  2. Create a Spotify or iTunes playlist that includes songs from your favorite American rockers- Nothing says America like some good old Rock N’ Roll!
  3. Keep your attendees cool with some tasty blue and red ice pops.  Buy them in bulk at stores like Sam’s and Costco.
  4. Invite kids to decorate and design their own flags.  Let them get creative with markers, glitter, crayons and feathers.
  5. Make those vanilla cupcakes pop by adding strawberries, blueberries, red hots, and raspberries!  
  6. If you need to verify the 21+ drinking crowd give them a Red or Blue Holographic wristband.  Their ID has been checked and now they get to wear a fun wristband!
  7. Serve cocktails that will cool off your guests: Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiris and Ice Cold Beer will do the trick!
  8. Host a raffle, and give away “Made in America” prizes.
  9. Set up a hotdog bar.  Let guests pile on their favorite toppings.  Add some new ones like black olives or bell peppers.
  10. Challenge your guests to a dance-off.  Do the Moonwalk, the Dougie, The Train – just get ‘em movin’ to some cheesy American favorites. 

Remember to be safe! Keep kids away from Fireworks and Fireworks away from dry grass and homes!

Happy 4th from your friends at Event Wristbands and Ticket Alternative!