How To: Hold A Raffle

How To: Hold a Raffle

Awesome Tips on Hosting a Successful Raffle!

Raffles can be an extremely effective and low-cost way to raise money for all kinds of fundraisers.

The first step to holding a raffle is to obtain a prize (or prizes) that people would be interested in winning! In order to raise the maximum amount of money possible, it is best to get the prizes donated to your cause. If this is not an option, just be sure that your profits from the tickets sold will outweigh the cost of obtaining the prize.

Once you have the prize, get the word out! The best way to get people to buy raffle tickets is to let them know about it!

We have a variety of awesome, high-quality products that will help you hold the most secure raffle possible.

If it's classic raffle tear-off tickets you're looking for, our 2,000 count Double Roll Raffle Tickets are durable and super cheap! They come in three bold colors: Red, White and Blue, and are only $6.95 per roll.

Raffle Tickets

If you're hosting an event where you want to be sure people won't lose their portion of the raffle ticket, our Custom Wristbands with a Detachable Stub are just the ticket! These raffle wristbands can be customized with your company logo or event name and come with a customizable detachable stub that has a matching serial number to the band.

Custom Wristbands with Detachable Stub

For your own custom raffle tickets, our sister site, also offers a number of customizable ticket templates that come sequentially numbered with stubs, so you can easily create your very own raffle tickets


Custom Raffle Ticket


No matter what option you choose, we wish you the best of luck with your raffle and hope our selection of products can help make the process fun and easy!