how to use wristbands for profit


As festival season approaches, there are many factors to consider when planning your own event. 

Depending on where an event or festival is hosted, there may be legal restrictions that inhibit the charge of admission into the event. Or maybe you just want to keep your event admission free to help promote your community.

No matter what the reason, there are still costs to be considered when putting on a free event, and we're here to help with ideas on how to keep the event profitable, or at the very least, viable. 

Although you may not be able to charge for general admission, you can utilize custom wristbands to charge for other levels of entry. One great example of this is the upcoming Candler Park Music and Food Festival in Atlanta, GA! This particular festival is a free event, but they are selling wristbands for $10 to those who wish to purchase alcohol while at the event.

The festival is also selling these special event wristbands ahead of time on Freshtix, enabling them to capture customer data prior to the event. This customer data can then enable the promoters to add each wristband buyer to their mailing list, which is a great way to maintain a relationship with the buyer!

Another great option is to sell wristbands with tabs on them, allowing patrons to redeem these tabs for food, drinks, games, or whatever you come up with! This can be available as a VIP option to those who wish to have an extra special experience. We offer both 3 and 5 Tear-Tab Plastic Wristbands for this very purpose, and they can even be customized for your event.

Lastly, since your event is awesome, you can turn a profit by accepting donations in exchange for customized VIP wristbands. Literally, no strings attached, just buying a sweet wristband to rep support.

Ready to turn a profit at your event with wristbands? Browse our custom wristbands for events today!