Litter Free Events: Reduce Litter with Eco Friendly Wristbands

Litter Free Events: Reduce Litter with Eco Friendly Wristbands

keep your event eco-friendly with tab-free wristbands


This Earth Day, we're all about showing our world some love. So we want to give all our event planners some helpful tips on how to keep your next event litter-free!

Putting on an event can be a daunting task, but often the cleanup after the event can be even more daunting! In order to reduce the amount of cleanup after an event, it's best to opt for some litter prevention methods prior to and during the event.

  1. Be sure there are plenty of trash cans and recycle bins throughout the area of the event. People are much more likely to throw their own trash away if it is convenient for them.
  2. Utilize Tab-Free Tyvek Wristbands for admission verification to the event. These wristbands have tabs that stay attached to the wristband once the tab is pulled back to reveal the adhesive. This will eliminate all of those pesky little tabs floating around after the event. Don't forget to customize the bands to make them unique to your event!
  3. Hire extra staff or recruit volunteers to help with clean up during the event. Having extra people on hand to help show attendees where trash cans are located or to pick up after attendees during the event will help reduce the post-event cleanup.
  4. Have strong messaging prior to and throughout the event encouraging attendees to help reduce litter and dispose of their trash in the proper receptacles. 
  5. Choose food vendors that offer the use of washable plates, silverware and linens. This will reduce the amount of waste greatly. 


When choosing the best method to keep your event free of litter, it’s clear that oftentimes it’s trash and ticket clutter. By using our Eco Friendly Wristbands for your event, you can be sure to eliminate more litter by ensuring access stays at the wrist, not on the ground. 

So, it’s clear that biodegradable wristbands are one of the best options, however, what else can you do to help reduce litter? has  mobile ticketing solutions to help reduce litter and be more eco-conscious. With you can sell tickets online easily! Be litter free today!