party planning 101: spring picnics


Spring is finally here and with it comes all the wonderful outdoor events to celebrate the season! 

One great way to host a little get-together is to gather everyone for a fun picnic! Picnics are typically inexpensive and easy to pull off last minute, as you don't need many items to pull one off.

We've put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to inspire you to host your own Spring picnic!

  1. Pick the picnic location - Picnics don't always have to be at a park, although that may be the more obvious choice. You can get creative with locations - a private rooftop, a front or back porch, or at the top of a mountain after a group hiking trip are all great options!
  2. Select a food theme - Deciding on an overall theme will make the food part a painless one. You can decide whether you'd like everything to be classic and homemade, like sandwiches with chips and veggies, or whether you'd like to get catering, like BBQ or pizza and wings. 
  3. Opt for a comfortable bag rather than a basket - Picnic baskets are cute and all, but they are not the most practical when it comes to comfort and ease of use. A backpack, a cooler bag, or a cooler on wheels is a much more practical option to lug around all of your items.
  4. Bring a blanket or a tablecloth - Whether you want to sit on the ground or use a picnic table, using a blanket or a tablecloth will not only be more comfortable, it will make your picnic look more put-together and fun!
  5. Have a playlist ready and a way to play it - Music makes every event more fun, and with today's technology, bringing your favorite tunes with you is as easy as ever. Simply create a playlist and have it ready on your phone, then bring a usb or bluetooth speaker handy for the picnic. 
  6. Clean up once you're done - Be sure to leave the space (especially if it's a public one) the way you found it and even better! Throw or take away all the trash, and pack up any leftovers to enjoy later. 
  7. Have fun! - The most important part of a picnic, or any event, is to have a good time and enjoy the company of those around you!

As always, if you need any wristbands for a larger- scale picnic, we've got you covered!