intersection of peachtree st ne and west peachtree street

Summer Brings New Interns

Summer Brings New Interns

Patrick F.

Meet Patrick, Ticket Alternative's new marketing intern for this summer. Originally from Orlando FL, Patrick moved to the ATL area last fall to return to school and get his M.B.A. We thought a great way to get to know more about our new intern was to ask him a few questions about his transition to life in Atlanta.

Q. What has been the biggest adjustment for you?

intersection of peachtree st ne and west peachtree street

A. Honestly, the biggest adjustment has been finding my way around town. Back home in Orlando the road systems were so horribly engineered that seldom are there more than 2 ways to get to a destination. It seems here in ATL there is a thousand ways to get everywhere! Obviously that's an exaggeration but it's how I feel when riding with friends in the car... I always feel we are taking a new route to a place I have been a dozen times!

Q. What do you miss most from back home?

A. Of course my family would be first, but that's a given, and no Disney World is not a close 2nd. I would have to say I miss the beach the most. My family lived about 40 mins from Cocoa Beach my entire life, its one of those things that you don't truly appreciate until it's gone. I wish I would have gone more often, especially now that I live so far from the coast. I tell my fiance all the time, "just the idea of the beach, knowing its close by, is comforting."  


Q. Do you have any favorite spots around town?

A. Absolutely! For a great dinner and unique pint selections I love going to Leons Full Service in Decatur. 

Leons restaurant

backstage in band prep room at a venue - wall covered in band stickers

If I am trying to catch a good local band then I'm upstairs at Smiths Ole Bar

Q. How did you get hooked up with Ticket Alternative?

A. I was looking for some experience in marketing and saw the posting for a summer internship. I was immediately intrigued with the complexity of Ticket Alternative and their involvement with music, ticket printing, and event wristbands. There was no question that i thought it would be an amazing opportunity and great exposure to these complex industries. 

We're certainly excited to have Patrick on board!