Wristbands for Beer Festivals

Beer Festival Wristbands

At a beer festival, probably the most important security issue to consider is making sure all the attendants are of the legal drinking age. The easiest and most affordable way to verify that festival-goers are legal to drink is with wristbands!

Our Over 21 Wristbands and Drinking Age Verified Wristbands are unique to our company and are a quick and simple way to designate drinking eligible patrons from those that are underage. They come in a variety of bright and bold colors that will be easy to spot on patron's wrists. No matter what color, these are all the perfect beer festival wristbands.

With all the great security features you can expect from Event Wristbands, these wristbands are extremely durable and non-transferable. They are a convenient way to protect not only your patrons, but your event as well.

Over 21 Wristbands                   Drinking Age Verified Wristbands

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If you're looking to design your very own wristbands for a beer festival, we also offer customizable wristbands that will allow you to create a wristband truly unique to your event. Our event wristbands can be customized with both a logo and text, so you can still create wristbands designated for your patrons that are of the legal drinking age.

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