Wristbands for Breweries

Wristbands for Breweries

Brewery Tour wristbands

One of our favorite pastimes is going to one of the many local breweries in our local Atlanta area for a fun outing. It's a great way to sample some great craft beer and get an inside look as to how it's all made!

For breweries that like to give out tours and invite locals for tastings, it's important to ensure your guests that are participating in sampling are of the legal drinking age. Wristbands are a quick and easy way to verify age and keep track of the number of guests in attendance.

Everyone will be able to enjoy the experience and feel extra special with a customized wristband with the brewery's branded logo on the bandsBrewery Wristband. People will love to keep the wristbands for memorabilia! Plus, with a custom wristband, there will be less of a chance of someone sneaking in without paying or getting ID'ed at the door.

A fun way to use the wristbands is to utilize them for some sort of raffle or drawing:

  1. Take note of the numbers on the wristbands to be handed out that day.
  2. Most of our wristband designs are sequentially numbered so just note the starting number and make sure each sheet of wristbands is consecutive.
  3. Have someone pick a random number between the starting and ending number of those wristbands - this will determine the winner.
  4. Announce the winner at last call so they can claim their prize.
  5. A good prize pack could be a free six-pack of beer or free entry to the next tasting they want to attend.
  6. Promote the giveaway on social media to incentivize people to come to visit the brewery!

No matter what kind of wristbands, there are a ton of creative ways to use them and make a brewery tour more secure and enjoyable!

Other Wristband Uses

  • Beer tasting
  • Beer festival
  • Beer dinner
  • Brewery tour
  • Bottle release