Wristbands vs. Stamps: Why Wristbands are Better than Hand Stamps

wristbands vs stamps for nightclubs

Event admission verification is one of the more important aspects when considering event security. Whether you wish to verify that a patron has paid for admission or just to verify that a patron is of age, wristbands are the better alternative to stamps on the hand.

There are many differences between wristbands and stamps, that when compared make it clear that wristbands are far superior to stamps. We've broken down some of the main differences below to show why wristbands are the obvious choice for a nightclub or any type of event.

Wristbands Stamps
Stays on until it's cut off Can be washed off easily
Bright, easy to spot on wrists Hard to see on patrons as they walk by
Easy on the skin Potential allergic reaction to ink
Can be customized with company or event logo Typically generic
Can be kept as a keepsake Will eventually be washed away

If the cost of wristbands is a concern, our Tyvek wristbands are very cost-effective as well as extremely durable. They are waterproof, stretch proof, and non-transferable. They can also be customized with text and/or a logo to make them even more unique and secure. 

We also offer pre-printed Over 21 and Age Verified Tyvek Wristbands to help with age verification at a nightclub. Utilizing these wristbands is a much better alternative to marking underage patrons with an "X" since those can be washed off. 

So, with the debate of Stamps vs. Wristbands, we can see the clear advantages to both, in fact a lot of event organizers choose stamps simply because of the affordability aspects.

No matter which way you look at it, wristbands for events are the clear winner when it comes to event admission verification.