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500 *CUSTOM* Plastic Wristbands
$47.50 - $54.50
Custom Holographic Wristbands
500 *CUSTOM* Holographic Wristbands
$55.00 - $62.00
Custom Plastic Tear-Off Tab Wristbands
500 *CUSTOM* Plastic Tear-off Tab Wristbands

Custom-printed Plastic Tear-Off Tab Event Wristbands

$46.50 - $53.50

Custom Plastic Wristbands

Step up your game with our custom plastic wristband options; sleek, durable and long-lasting, these wristbands will add a touch of quality to high-class events and venues, much like our cloth wristbands.

Our VIP, tear-off tab, and solid color plastic wristbands are all available for customization, enabling you to show your personality and create a positive impression.

Plus designs like the tear-off tabs and hologram make them both practical and stylish. With in a variety of highly visibility color options from which you can choose, it is easy to find the hue that seamlessly matches your theme. Moreover, all of Event Wristbands' plastic wristbands are quick and easy to snap on the wrist, making your staff's job a breeze.

Moreover, these security wristbands and are designed to keep your area safe and sound as they non-transferrable and stretch-proof.

So, choose the higher class option for your event and give your guests something else to remember you with a custom plastic wristband.

From Solid Color Plastic wristbands toTear-Off Plastic and Holograpghic Plastic wristbands, we can add your logo for a small fee.   These wristbands are perfect for high-end or VIP events.