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Wristband Printers

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Love our personalized wristbands? Now you can take the process into your own hands with one of our wristband printers!

We offer three choices: the STIMA CLS Thermal Printer, the STIMA CMP Thermal Printer, and the STIMA SM Thermal Printer.

The STIMA SM printer is the most economical choice, offering event managers the convenience to print custom tickets on demand. Create PDF file of the design you want to print on your wristbands and print it easily at a speed of upwards 200mm per second.

The STIMA CMP thermal printer has more advanced features that allow for higher speeds and easier management of your ticket printing. It is swift to set up, clean, and comes with a standard one year warranty. In addition, 16MB with a 2GB expandable memory card slot comes standard.

The Stimare SM wristband printer has an impressive 266 mHz ARM processor, 32MB of ram and 32MB of Flash memory.

Choose any font to completely customize your tickets with drag and drop easy download. Any of these printers can help you promote brand awareness and make your event into an experience guests will remember.

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